Tips for Handling a Military Divorce

No divorce is ever easy, but a military divorce is more complicated than the traditional divorce.  If you are a married member of the United States Military with an impending divorce on the line, don’t hesitate to talk to a lawyer to learn your rights, responsibilities, and procedures to properly handle this process.

A military divorce requires that you file your divorce with a specific court/jurisdiction in a specific manner. If you fail to comply with the military requirements for divorce, you may be penalized by both the courts and the U.S. Military. The severity of the penalty varies, but may be as harsh as departure from the services.

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Finding a jacksonville military divorce attorney shouldn’t be an issue in the area, so don’t let this stand in the way of hiring an attorney to handle the divorce and provide the guidance that you need and deserve. At least they can answer questions and provide guidance and information when is needed most, reducing risks that you will improperly handle the divorce proceedings.

When a divorce lawyer is there to help with the process, it’s easy to get things done correctly and quickly. Without an attorney, you may find the entire divorce process takes considerably longer than anticipated. And, you can handle more matters that the simple divorce. Child custody, spousal support, etc. are all handled at one court hearing when a lawyer is there.

Plus, lawyers make it is easier to get through the divorce with less stress and more of your sanity intact. Lawyers know the laws and how to handle a divorce favorably for your needs. They also offer no cost, no obligation consultations to discuss your case and learn the next steps to take to handle the matter.